Monday, 16 November 2015

The inevitable state-sponsored attack

Originally posted on 14th November.

What happened last night in Paris wasn't a random act of violence by a group of unorganised Islamic extremists; it was a meticulously planned attack designed to kill scores of people that was sanctioned by the state.

Before you jump on the conspiracy theorist bandwagon, let's look at the reasons why this could be; after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, France's security levels was understandably placed at its highest possible level. Paris has some of the most advanced surveillance in the world, so how have eight militants managed to rampage through the city killing at least 128 people without the state receiving any information beforehand?

A few months ago, I saw a post claiming all the pieces were in place for another fake terror attack in or near the UK; at the time the mainstream media was howling about the refugee crisis and the possibility of extremists infiltrating Europe. A few months down the line and look what's happened.

Yes, ISIS have taken responsibility for the attack, but how many of you know the true nature of the extremist group? A group which was created and trained by the CIA, further funded by the US and Saudi governments. ISIS are a fabrication of Western governments, that's not a conspiracy but stone cold fact. So where does that place the West's role in the latest "terrorist" attack?

By this point any sane minded person will be asking, why would our own governments inflict such pain and terror on its own people? The same reason it always has, to rule through fear and make a profit. After 9/11, the West invaded Iraq and created a pantomime villain of Al Qaeda (also created by the US) and made a profit of $39.5 billion through Iraq's oil.

Now this attack has occurred, the government and media will no doubt whip up a shit storm of scare-mongering and abuse towards Muslims and refugees trying to enter Europe. This will serve the purpose of creating further divides between different ethnic groups. They also finally have an excuse to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria, once again making a profit through war at the cost of more innocent lives. The only winner from this attack is the West, and if they are not successful in creating more war in the Middle East I worry the UK is next.

For those who think this was a religiously motivated attack, you are wrong. As fanatically religious as IS are, at the end of the day they are nothing more than marionettes to the real warlords who pull the strings behind the scenes. If they are funded by the West, they are not going to be pursuing their own agenda.

I hope that people will start to understand the true nature of the "war on terror" and IS, because the truth is that the gravest threat to our society is not Islamic bogeymen, but the governments that claim to protect us.

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